Welcome to Bujinkan Estonia Tartu Dojo

Budo is about living for a constant improvement of your-self.

Sometimes living is a matter of surviving. Nobody knows what we need to survive in a lifetime, but you can prepare for it physically and mentally.

Martial arts, such as Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, teach Budo to those who are open to learning. It is not a game, we do not have rules of how to survive. It is not a sport, you will get no points or medals. You can however obtain a constant development in moving naturally to a situation, and hopefully survive it. 

If you read on, we will learn more about our philosophy, the art, and our training.

Other dojo's in Estonia

Dojo's in Tallinn
Tallinn Dojo
Contact: [Website]

Vahur Jürgenson
Välja 28, Tallinn
Contact: 56478619

Dojo in Pärnu
Bujinkan Pärnu Dojo

[Raba 1a, Pärnu, Kaitseliidu lasketiir,
Contact: Dmitri Grišin (+372 51 88 996)]

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